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You may be looking for an appropriate souvenir to celebrate the completion of a long distance walk or mountain that you have recently conquered or perhaps it is for a friend or family member who has recently completed a walking achievement. We have attempted to display the products in a logical way for you to easlily navigate the website. Please do ask if you are unsure about anything or would like further information. 

At the moment we only have products for the walks and mountains shown but we produce most of the products here at Haytongate so  if you have a 'special request' for something else or something with your own text / picture do ask.  

If you are part of a walking group and would like to talk to us about a special deal for a bulk purchase then do let us know.

Doing a sponsored walk for charity? We would also be pleased to talk to you about supplying printed t-shirts for you to wear during your walk - emblazoned with your charity name of course!.